Amore's Miniature Donkeys Was Updated

Amore Mini's is a small miniature donkey farm in upstate New York. We are about 20 miles east of Syracuse.

We started with minis about 8 years ago. Just two, yep, now we have 45! You just can't help it. They are the most loving, sweet, devoted, smart, OK, that's enough! But it's true,
"There is nothing like a miniature donkey. You have have one to understand!"

We have a 500 acre dairy farm and have had horses for 30 years. All 6 of our children had their own horses and enjoyed Pony Club, showing, ect while they were growing up. Now my husband has 150 cows and I have donkeys!

“If you aren't happy, our donkeys aren't happy
and we want them back!”

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